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Jul. 26, 2018

IWPR Report: Closing the Gender Gap in Patenting, Innovation, and Commercialization: Programs Promoting Equity and Inclusion

By Elyse Shaw, M.A., Cynthia Hess, Ph.D.

JULY 24, 2018

ID: IWPR #C471

About This Report

This report profiles programs designed to increase gender diversity in patenting, innovation, and entrepreneurship in a variety of settings, including academic institutions, corporations, and government and nonprofit organizations. Drawing on a program scan and interviews of selected program leaders and participants, it describes seven programs in depth and highlights how they were developed, their successes and lessons learned, and their results in promoting gender diversity. The report aims to provide an accessible resource that can help others seeking to increase the number of women who patent and commercialize their inventions. It is one of a series of IWPR research reports examining the underrepresentation of women, including women of color, among patent holders and in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) disciplines and occupations. The report was produced with support from Qualcomm, Inc.

About the Institute for Women’s Policy Research

The Institute for Women’s Policy Research (IWPR) conducts and communicates research to inspire public dialogue, shape policy, and improve the lives and opportunities of women of diverse backgrounds, circumstances, and experiences. The Institute’s research strives to give voice to the needs of women from diverse ethnic and racial backgrounds across the income spectrum and to ensure that their perspectives enter the public debate on ending discrimination and inequality, improving opportunity, and increasing economic security for women and families. The Institute works with policymakers, scholars, and public interest groups to design, execute, and disseminate research and to build a diverse network of individuals and organizations that conduct and use women-oriented policy research. IWPR’s work is supported by foundation grants, government grants and contracts, donations from individuals, and contributions from organizations and corporations. IWPR is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization that also works in affiliation with the Program on Gender Analysis in Economics at American University.