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May. 4, 2021

RealClearPolicy: Weakening America’s Patent System Will Allow China to Dominate Technology of the Future by Jim Edwards

The United States and China are engaged in a new Cold War, and China intends to win.

While China has increased its techno-totalitarianism against Hong Kong and its own citizens, a greater threat to America and the free world comes from China’s efforts to leapfrog the United States in cutting-edge innovation.

The National Security Commission for Artificial Intelligence recently issued its final report assessing how to ensure U.S. leadership in AI. NSCAI says intellectual property stands as a tool vital for our success in this contest.

The 750-page report lists several emerging technologies the commission deems “crucial to future national competitiveness.” They include “microelectronics, biotechnology, quantum computing, 5G telecommunications, autonomy and robotics, advanced manufacturing, and energy systems.”

Artificial intelligence involves advanced computing, or machine learning. AI mimics the capabilities of human intelligence, such as recognizing objects or patterns and translating language. As AI develops, it becomes what Thomas Edison called a “field of fields,” applicable in multiple ways and in multiple technologies.

AI is but one area where China pursues world dominance.