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Mar. 29, 2019

Western Journal: Secure Property Rights Are Vital for America’s National and Economic Security by James Edwards

As progress surges in 5G connectivity, not far behind arise concerns over national security and economic security.

Throw in advances in artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, automated vehicles and “smart” medical devices, and similar questions come up.

Who’s winning these technological contests? The United States or China? What if the United States doesn’t win?

Securing private property rights will make the difference.

Property rights give individuals and businesses room to innovate. They’re bolstered by free enterprise and the ability to enforce one’s property rights through the rule of law and due process. Strong property rights have made America the global leader in innovation.

Our rules-based system coupled with secure, enforceable property rights has moved America from a fledgling agrarian startup nation to an industrial and economic powerhouse. The kind of innovation that made America owes much success to our patent system — a property rights securing and enforcing system.

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