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Dec. 13, 2021

IP Watchdog: As Policymakers Say They Want to Rein in Big Tech, Others Seek to Give It Even More Power by Arvin Patel

Over the past several years, Congress has raised a long overdue microscope to Big Tech and its worst practices and as a result, the relationship between Washington, DC and Silicon Valley has changed tremendously. Rather than being feted by policymakers, Big Tech is now being forced to answer tough questions.

Elected officials are now more aware of Big Tech’s reach and impact on our elections, security, and data collection – and they are not liking what they see.  These companies have intruded on nearly every aspect of American lives and have avoided any responsibility or accountability.

In response, Members of Congress have held hearings and introduced legislation in an attempt to protect the American people from the massive overreach of these companies. But as we look at ways to curtail Big Tech’s everyday influence, including collecting our personal data and erroneously censoring our posts, we must also pay attention to how these companies are growing their monopolistic power – especially via the exploitation of weak intellectual property laws.