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Dec. 16, 2014

Intellectual Asset Management: It is time to talk about the Patent Ogres, by Joff Wild

This post originally appeared in Intellectual Asset Management on December 16, 2014.

Here at IAM we have consistently argued that patent litigation in the US is heavily weighted in favour of deep pocket corporations. How could it be otherwise when it costs so much to enforce a patent? Our major criticism of the suggested legislative reforms that moved through the House of Representatives last year before stalling in the Senate earlier this year – and which look likely to resurface again next year – is that by making it even more expensive and more high-risk to enforce patents than it is now they skew things even more in favour of the big boys.

In the following article, Fatih Ozluturk, head of technology and innovation at Soryn IP Group and a prolific inventor himself, sets out just how the US system is so weighted in favour of what he describes as the Patent Ogres and suggests some steps that might help to rebalance things. In a debate that is so focused on just one side of the patent story, Fatih’s article is one that should give legislators significant pause for thought. Whether it will is another matter entirely.