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Apr. 15, 2018

The Hill: Stronger patents — better innovation — bigger economy, by Charles Sauer

Congress should be working to grow the economy instead of weakening it. And, with the introduction of the STRONGER Patents Act, they might just be doing that.

What does it take to grow the economy? In some ways that question can be almost insurmountable, but in others it is just common sense. For instance, does the economy grow faster by taxing success or by rewarding it? Does the economy grow faster by creating more paperwork for businesses or less? How about increasing the barrier to enter a market or lowering the barriers? In that case, the answer is lowering barriers. Creating economic growth can be fairly simple.

However, a question that seems just as easy — does the economy grow faster by supporting innovators or making it harder on them? Congress seems to have been hung up on that question over the last several decades. Congress should, of course, support innovators.