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Sep. 14, 2016

The Hill Opinion: Hillary Clinton’s plan for innovation, by David J. Kappos

This post originally appeared in The Hill on September 14, 2016.

There’s that old line about candidates—they campaign in poetry, but govern in prose. Few would mistake esoteric topics like innovation promotion and intellectual property protection as poetic.  So it is therefore somewhat remarkable that Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has already released detailed outlines of these critical aspects of U.S. tech and competitiveness policies she would pursue if elected.  Her in-depth and balanced proposals in this area demonstrate a thoughtful approach that deserves recognition.

In Clinton’s recently released innovation strategy, titled  Initiative on Technology & Innovation, she importantly emphasizes that America’s innovation and intellectual property edge needs to be preserved and enhanced.   Over 55 million higher-than-average-wage jobs and 35 percent of our nation’s GDP depend on our strong intellectual property regime.  Promoting Silicon Valley, Research Triangle Park, and other innovation hubs across the country is critical to America’s continuing global economic leadership.