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Apr. 14, 2023

Fox News: America can defeat China and win the future if we do this one thing by Rep. Kevin Kiley

The House of Representatives recently established a bipartisan committee to study the economic and security threats posed by the Chinese Communist Party. At the committee’s first hearing, Chairman Mike Gallagher, R-WI, called China’s rise an “existential struggle.”

This is not hyperbole. And increasingly, China is beating the United States at its own game – outpacing us and the rest of the world in key areas of technological advancement. The CCP understands that the 21st century will belong to the most innovative nation, the one that’s able to harness the full power of new technologies.

For decades, that nation was unquestionably the United States. But over the last two decades, China has dramatically ramped up investment in research and development, cutting into America’s traditional dominance. From 2000 to 2019, China’s share of global R&D quadrupled to nearly a quarter, while our share slid from 37% to just 27%.

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