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Feb. 23, 2020

Fox Business: It’s Time to Make a Pledge to America’s Inventors by Arvin Patel

Last month, Las Vegas hosted the biggest and most important consumer technology event of the year – the 53rd annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES). These types of events – environments that promote invention, entrepreneurship, and hard work – are what makes America the world’s leader in innovation. That’s why it was so encouraging to see White House Advisor Ivanka Trump attending the event and speaking about the incredible value that innovators add to our country.

In particular, Trump discussed the importance of creating new education and training opportunities for innovators as part of President Donald Trump’s “Pledge to America’s Workers.” This pledge is a national campaign for training and reskilling workers for high-demand jobs and industries of the future – like tech.

This is an important campaign and one that deserves our attention. But, we can’t let our pledge to America’s workers take away from the needs of America’s innovators. We need to protect America’s workers by protecting our intellectual property.