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Jul. 27, 2017

Crain’s New York Business Opinion: Washington threatens NYC’s burgeoning tech economy

This post originally appeared in Crain’s New York Business on July 27, 2017.

Should anyone doubt that we are living through a unique moment in New York’s economic development, take a look at the proliferation of exciting young companies transforming formerly underused warehouse and office spaces into thriving startup incubators and research centers.

A firm called Sapience, based in Scarsdale, has developed a novel chemical compound that could eradicate a type of brain cancer with a three-year mortality rate of 97%, a disease once again in the news because of Sen. John McCain’s diagnosis. Another company named Schrodinger, located in midtown Manhattan, has developed software for developing candidates for testing next-generation, lifesaving drug therapies prior to human trials, with the goal of delivering cures to patients more quickly and less expensively.