Patent News

Jan. 28, 2015

The Cedar Rapids Gazette Letter: Be sure new patent rules don’t threaten America’s inventors, by Sam McCord

This post originally appeared in the Cedar Rapids Gazette on January 28, 2015.

I recently attended a screening of the newly-released documentary Inventing to Nowhere. This film discusses the significance of America’s patent system and some of the challenges facing our nation’s inventors, including those in Iowa.

As a small-business owner, new patent holder, member of the Iowa Inventor’s Group and committee member for the Iowa Association of Business and Industry, I have developed a unique perspective on this important issue. My experience has shown me how patent reforms could harm inventors and small businesses, and has revealed to me the importance of preserving a system that continues to support our nation’s innovators.

America has long been an innovation hub thanks to a system that encourages and rewards those willing to take risks for their great ideas. Our country’s patent system has helped inventors succeed for almost 200 years by affording them crucial rights and protections under federal law. The groundbreaking inventions brought to market by patent holders also enrich the lives of many throughout the country. This simply would not be possible without a system that secures the property of hardworking patent holders.

Our strong patent system also promotes economic growth and stimulates job creation here in the Hawkeye State and across the country. In fact, the start-ups that account for much of America’s patent activity generate 10 percent of all new U.S. jobs every year. This not only provides meaningful work for a wide range of people, it keeps America globally competitive.