May. 18, 2018

Spotlight on IA Innovation: Xperi

Although Xperi Corporation (NASDAQ: XPER) introduced its new name in February 2017, its roots go back almost 30 years. Since the early 1990’s, Xperi companies have been researching and developing technologies that enable the sights and sounds of our modern world. Now with 28 offices around the world, including U.S. offices in five states (California, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, and North Carolina), and more than 700 employees – including more than 400 engineers – Xperi remains dedicated to creating innovative solutions that enable extraordinary experiences with the audio, imaging and semiconductor technologies that people use every day. Xperi’s widely-recognized brands include DTS, HD Radio, FotoNation, Invensas, and Tessera.

In the early 1990’s, after hearing a DTS-remastered version of his previous movie, “Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” Steven Spielberg was blown away by the sound and selected DTS technology for his next film, “Jurassic Park.” He wanted audiences to enjoy the soundtrack the same way he did in the studio. The film was a hit and so was DTS. Today, theaters around the world continue to use DTS technology, like DTS:X, to resounding effect. In addition to cinema, DTS’ advanced audio technologies deliver the highest quality sound in the home, in the car, and on mobile devices. DTS’ technologies allow listeners to experience top-of-the-line surround sound through their home theater’s speakers, A/V receivers and sound bars, and enhanced audio that make a mobile device’s smaller speakers sound bigger, with distortion-free volume and deeper bass.

Xperi’s HD Radio technology enables the delivery of more than 4,500 local radio station channels to almost 50 million cars in the United States in clear digital sound, with no subscription fees. The technology also boasts features that deliver a richer radio listening experience, such as song and program info, traffic updates and emergency alerts.

Does your smartphone camera have face detection, image stabilization, and red eye removal? Chances are, they were invented by FotoNation. FotoNation licenses its software and firmware to device manufacturers to enable cutting-edge imaging features in smartphones, digital cameras, drones and other products.

Xperi’s innovations in imaging even extend to cars. FotoNation is developing driver monitoring technology to reduce drowsy and distracted driving. By embedding its face detection software into rearview mirrors and other cameras in the passenger cabin, FotoNation will help tomorrow’s cars be able to detect when a driver is distracted or needs a break.

Invensas is a leading provider of advanced semiconductor packaging and wafer bonding technologies, like DBI, enabling the next generation of electronics products to be smaller, faster, consume less power, give off less heat and deliver higher levels of functionality. In fact, Invensas’ technologies have been instrumental in shrinking the size of many of today’s mobile devices.

Xperi was founded on invention, and the company’s hundreds of scientists and engineers continue to research and develop audio, imaging and semiconductor solutions for its customers’ next generations of products. None of this would be possible without patents that enable Xperi to protect its intellectual property and license its technology to other manufacturers. Xperi’s subsidiary, Tessera, has licensed a portfolio of more than 5,500 patents and patent applications to companies around the world since 1990. Xperi uses that licensing revenue to fund further research and development, fueling new technological breakthroughs.

Xperi’s history goes back nearly 30 years, but it has always been a company focused on the future. As people increasingly rely on digital devices to experience the world, Xperi is well-positioned to provide them with smarter sound, imaging, and other technological innovations.