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May. 21, 2015

Innovation Alliance Statement on Senate Judiciary Committee Executive Business Meeting on PATENT Act

Washington D.C. – Innovation Alliance Executive Director Brian Pomper released the following statement on the Senate Judiciary Committee executive business meeting on the PATENT Act (S.1137):

“Unfortunately, the Innovation Alliance opposes the PATENT Act (S.1137) in its current form. Although the bill includes some improvements over its House counterpart, H.R. 9, the Innovation Act, overall it remains deeply flawed. Contrary to what some have claimed, many of the most troubling provisions in the bill have not yet been fixed or adequately addressed. The bill also fundamentally ignores the significant legislative, judicial, and administrative developments that have occurred over the last year that make further sweeping patent legislation unnecessary. While clearly better than H.R. 9, if enacted, it would still dramatically weaken U.S. patent laws and cripple the ability of legitimate U.S. patent owners to protect their ideas from infringers, both in the United States and in countries like China that have weak patent protections.

“The Innovation Alliance believes the STRONG Patents Act introduced in the Senate and the TROL Act introduced in the House both offer more balanced and targeted measures to address abusive behavior while strengthening our patent system to ensure it continues to incentivize innovation and job creation. We urge Congress to reject overbroad legislation and instead adopt these well-crafted alternatives.”


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