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Jul. 30, 2018

Innovation Alliance Statement on Introduction of Inventor Protection Act by Representative Rohrabacher

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Innovation Alliance Executive Director Brian Pomper today issued the following statement on the introduction of the Inventor Protection Act (H.R. 6557) by Representative Rohrabacher (R-CA):

“The Innovation Alliance is pleased to see yet another piece of legislation introduced in Congress with the goal of strengthening patent protections for American inventors. The Inventor Protection Act is the fourth pro-patent bill proposed in the last year, following the introduction of the bipartisan STRONGER Patents Act in both the Senate and House, the Restoring America’s Leadership in Innovation Act in the House and the reintroduction of the TROL Act in the House.

“Like these other bills, the Inventor Protection Act is focused on addressing the alarming decline in the U.S. patent system and U.S. innovation in recent years. In 2018, the U.S. fell to 12th place in the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s international ranking of patent system strength, falling behind countries such as South Korea and Spain. The U.S. also fell out of the top 10 of Bloomberg’s international innovation index for the first time. And earlier this month, the World Intellectual Property Organization, Cornell University and INSEAD released their 2018 Global Innovation Index similarly showing the U.S. falling out of the top five for the first time. Meanwhile, startup activity in the U.S. has slumped and venture capital investment has increasingly moved overseas.

“It is clear that awareness of this problem is growing and Congress is beginning to move toward taking action. We are hopeful that legislation will be enacted soon that will strengthen patent rights and help restore the U.S. to its position as the global leader in innovation.”



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