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May. 4, 2015

Innovation Alliance Statement on National Inventors Month

Washington D.C. – Innovation Alliance Executive Director Brian Pomper released the following statement on National Inventors Month:

May is National Inventors Month and the Innovation Alliance commends the thousands of inventors across the country whose innovations continue to improve lives, create jobs, and grow our economy. As we recognize the hard work and sacrifices of these individuals, we need to keep in mind the critical role our nation’s patent laws play in protecting their innovations and incentivizing new generations of inventors to follow in their footsteps.”

“The Innovation Alliance again urges Congress to take a targeted approach to addressing abuses and avoid making overly-broad and unwarranted changes to a patent system that has been working well for over 200 years. Let’s honor our nation’s inventors by keeping our patent system strong and protecting intellectual property rights as our Founding Fathers intended.


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