From the Alliance

Jul. 1, 2014

Innovation Alliance Statement on the House Energy and Commerce Committee Staff Draft Bill on Demand Letters

WASHINGTON – Innovation Alliance Executive Director Brian Pomper released the following statement regarding the House Energy and Commerce Committee staff draft bill on demand letters:

“The Innovation Alliance appreciates the hard work of the House Energy and Commerce Committee over the past several months in developing the staff draft of the demand letter bill released today. While we are still studying the draft’s contents, we are generally supportive of the approach the draft takes and believe such an approach with refinements will address the vast majority of abusive litigation tactics that small businesses and retail interests are facing while maintaining the integrity of legitimate patent enforcement practices for all patent holders.”

“We are deeply appreciative that the staff has worked so hard for so long with a diverse group of stakeholders to try to achieve a meaningful, balanced bill. The Innovation Alliance looks forward to continuing to work with the Committee to ensure that any demand letter legislation is appropriately targeted to abusive behavior and avoids an overly broad approach that could carry with it the unintended consequence of disincentivizing innovation and job growth.”


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