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Jun. 1, 2015

Innovation Alliance Statement: 10,000 Concerned Citizens, Innovators and Job Creators Urge Congress to “Keep Patents Strong”

Washington, D.C. – The Innovation Alliance’s Save the Inventor campaign today sent a petition to Congress with signatures from 10,000 concerned citizens, inventors, entrepreneurs, and small business owners. The petition calls on Congress to protect American inventors and innovation by keeping the nation’s patent system strong. The petition arrives as both the House and Senate are considering legislation being promoted by multinational companies that would weaken U.S. patent rights and undermine our innovation ecosystem.

“The thousands of individuals who signed this Save the Inventor petition are sending a clear warning signal to Congress,” said Brian Pomper, Executive Director of the Innovation Alliance. “The American people are concerned that the over-reaching patent legislation now moving through Congress will tip the scales against inventors and start-ups and make it virtually impossible for them to protect their inventions against infringing companies in China and elsewhere. The reality is that we can make targeted changes to address patent litigation abuses without harming a system that has been so critical to driving innovation and economic growth in our country for more than 200 years.”

Both H.R.9, the Innovation Act, being considered by the House Judiciary Committee, and S.1137, the PATENT Act, being considered by the Senate Judiciary Committee, include overly-broad provisions that would weaken patent protections and make it less likely that inventors and investors would be willing to risk time and capital to bring new innovations to market. In contrast, the TROL Act proposed in the House and the STRONG Patents Act introduced in the Senate, offer targeted and well-crafted approaches to addressing abuses while strengthening the underlying patent system.

The Innovation Alliance is sending copies of the petition, which includes 240 pages of signatures, to House and Senate Republican and Democratic leaders, as well as all House and Senate Judiciary Committee members. The full petition states:

“We the undersigned believe in the inventive American spirit, and the creativity that has made our country great. Our country was, after all, founded by a group of innovators who had the courage to try something new. That is why we oppose efforts by some multinational companies in Washington, DC to weaken patents and make it harder for inventors and start-ups like us to live out our dream of creating something and calling it our own. With our ideas, willingness to take risks, and hard work, we have just as much right to succeed as they have. It’s not fair that they want to change the rules to make it easier for them to free-ride on the ideas of others, and harder for us to protect our inventions and our investment in the future. Congress, don’t let them get away with it. Keep patents strong. Keep America strong. Inventors and start ups all across the country are counting on you. Don’t let us down.”

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